The Internet Is Now Your Leverage: Are You a Manager Or Consumer?

After the previous blog post about the top one people, Working Hard Is Not An Answer To Wealth. That I shared interesting information about the gap between income and productivity. And the income gap between the low- vs a high-income group of people. I stated that wealthy people work as hard as the middle- or low-income […]

Are Women Still Lead Men on Social Media 2021?

Who are your targeted audiences? Are they women? In the previous post, I shared the behavior of social media users in 2021. Plus my personal experience that I start a Twitter account in January. Now we are stepping into March. I have realized some fact that the Twitter users mostly are men. Just looking at my […]

Marketing Online: Behavior Of Internet And Social Media Consumers 2021

New blog post update on marketing online, this is the repost from my blog Are you the one who uses the internet as a platform to sell your product or making a profit out of your business? Or maybe you are the one who wants to start your business and pave the way for […]

The Power Of Journaling: This Is How Writing Heals You

Journaling slows down your mind. It unwinds your thoughts. … This is how the journal works. It helps you realize what you know as well as what you do not know about yourself. Writing is one of the effective methods to practice mindfulness.It put your mind into a trance state. Moreover, writing on paper creates harmony […]

Want to talk about self-esteem?

Here is a short one sentence for you. “You’re worth every magical things the second you stepped to this world” Just take it, don’t resist. 💖

Reflection On Life – Death: Tale From The Ancient Times

A woman was crying to die since her son departed. She ran mourning from her house to the Buddha and requested him to bring her dead son alive again. Buddha said, “I’ll fulfill your wish but may I ask you a favor? You must go find a house where no family member dies. Come back […]


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